For Service Providers

We know service providers. It is in our DNA. We have the expertise to show you how to implement the Ceph Distributed Storage System to increase your revenue and decrease your operational costs.

Let us work with you to increase your storage offering quickly and efficiently. We will show how easy it is to implement Ceph to compete in the Cloud Storage market with our S3 compatible object store and our cloud block storage device that is upstream in OpenStack (and soon to be integrated into other cloud platforms).

We can also help you explore the possibility of using the Ceph file system as next generation storage for your shared hosting business.

In all cases, because Ceph is free and runs on commodity hardware, it will deliver storage at pennies per GB. Your operational costs are kept to a minimum because Ceph is self-managing and auto-scaling. These advantages mean that you can easily compete with cloud storage leaders while dramatically reducing your costs and maximizing your profits.

Like we said, being a service provider is in our DNA. We encourage you to leverage this unique expertise, passion and dedicated support services to optimize your business and reduce your operational expenses.

Please contact us to see how we can help you quickly launch your new cloud storage products and design your internal storage roadmap.

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