And It All Comes Together

It is 5:05am on the East Coast, 2:05am on the 50th floor of the AON tower downtown Los Angeles and we just secured @inktank on Twitter. All we needed to take this the final step of this long journey was $5,000, sent to an unknown recipient somewhere in Mexico, and now we own it. @inktank. The last piece in the company launch puzzle. We are now complete.

So it begins. I do not want to panic you, but this could be the greatest night in our lives! After 8-ish years of “nose-to-the-grindstone” effort, Ceph is now supported by a real company. Inktank, a company of dedicated individuals full of storage expertise and a singular mission in their minds, hearts and shot glasses to transform the storage industry. Rewrite the rules. Knock down the fences. Break the shackles.

So, now we embark. Launching from a boardroom that looks down on the Hollywood sign. It’s not ours. It’s DreamHost’s. But that’s pretty much irrelevant after a couple of bottles of whiskey. What is relevant is that we are turning the page. We are starting down our road, aggressively changing the storage industry landscape. We are on a new journey, supporting those who believe that powerful, multipurpose, easily-managed, distributed data storage shouldn’t cost an exorbitant amount of money, lock people in, and force them to hire overpriced system administrators (no offense).

We embark on a new journey to provide the consultative services and long term support that will help the Ceph community fully leverage the Future of Storage. We are hopeful that you will join us. I suspect, if you do, you may also look back ten years from now and say, “yeah, that was one of the greatest days of my life!” Or at least you’ll remember the day when we started transforming how the world stores data. Enjoy the ride.

Comments: And It All Comes Together

  1. Welcome to the party, Bryan, and congratulations. I know we’re competitors with each other (for those who don’t know I’m one of the senior developers for GlusterFS) but even more importantly we both compete with outdated high-cost SPOF-ridden closed-source storage. That makes us collaborators as well, and I’m proud to be in such company.

    Posted by Jeff Darcy
    May 3, 2012 at 5:11 pm
  2. Whoot! Way to go guys. Looks great and the service sounds absolutely wonderful.

    I wish you all the luck in the world. =)

    Posted by Barry T. Smith
    May 4, 2012 at 10:24 am
  3. Super excited that a visionary technology is getting the support it needs and deserves. Looking forward to big (data) things!

    Posted by Ian Rae
    May 6, 2012 at 11:24 am

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