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We know time is at a premium, and we also know there’s a thirst for Ceph knowledge. That’s why we’ve put together a series of 10-minute, on-demand webinars designed both to fit into hectic schedules and to deliver the targeted Ceph information you’re looking for. Kyle Bader, Inktank’s very own Senior Solutions Architect, is at […]

These days, enterprises are doing more than just learning about Ceph. They’re deploying this unique, unified, software-defined storage system into production at petabyte scale. Ceph is truly “The Future of Storage.” Since our inception, we’ve helped enterprises across the span–major financial institutions, service providers, Fortune 100 companies–harness Ceph’s transformative power to radically improve the economics […]

Many customers ask, “How do I best configure the hardware in my environment for Ceph?” Inktank is in a unique position to help answer this question, because we’ve been helping many customers evaluate and deploy Ceph into production environments for block and object storage at major financial institutions, large and small service providers, and public […]

Support for multi-site operations is one of the most sought after Ceph features. If you’re an enterprise, you may want to store your data in multiple locations to ensure business continuity in the case of a regional outage. If you’re a service provider deploying a public object storage service, multiple sites can help provide the […]

Last fall, when we launched Inktank Ceph Enterprise, our flagship product, our goal was to shake up the storage industry by bringing the flexibility and power of open source to enterprises who understand that existing storage solutions won’t scale much longer. Since launch, we’ve seen incredible demand and adoption from Fortune 500 companies who appreciate […]

In April 2012, Inktank was launched to transform the storage industry by driving the widespread adoption of Ceph. We wanted to bring the benefits of open source to an industry that had long held out against its disruptive effects and to help companies handle the explosion in data with a radical new way of storing […]

A Guest Blogpost from John Mao, Product Marketing, Calxeda Wimpy a good thing? For CPU cores? Maybe so…. Now, I’m not exactly a fan of the term wimpy—the voice in this 80s trash bag commercial tends to haunt me—but in his research note last Wednesday called “Are Wimpy Cores Good for Brawny Storage?”, Paul Teich of Moor Insights & […]


Ceph Dumpling

The Ceph community just finished its latest three-month cycle of development, culminating in a new major release of Ceph called “Dumpling,” or v0.67 for those of a more serious demeanor. Inktank is proud to have contributed two major pieces of functionality to Dumpling. 1. Global Namespace and Region Support – Many service providers and IT […]


It’s been quite a year for Inktank and the Ceph community. We are super excited to announce another major milestone for Inktank – our participation in the third annual FinTech Innovation Lab in New York City. The goal of the Lab – established in 2010 by Accenture and the Partnership Fund for New York City […]

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Almost every few weeks, new storage products are announced by competitors and I generally avoid commenting on them. But EMC’s ViPR announcement contains attempts to perform both marketing and technical sleight of hand around software-defined storage that potentially do much to slow down the inevitable change that is coming to the storage market. While EMC […]

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What a Year 1!

Back in January I posted about how Inktank’s momentum was accelerating. Well, to say this trend is continuing would be a gross understatement. The Inktank team continues to execute at a blinding pace and the world keeps on noticing. For example: •    The Community and Marketing (we are hiring) teams killed it at the OpenStack Summit. There […]

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­­Today marks another milestone for Ceph with the release of Cuttlefish (v0.61), the third stable release of Ceph. Inktank’s development efforts for the Cuttlefish release have been focused around Red Hat support and making it easier to install and configure Ceph while improving the operational ease of integrating with 3rd party tools, such as provisioning […]

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Ceph Mania

Ceph is super hot. When people tell me that storage can’t be sexy, I can’t help but feel like Ceph can be! I was out in our L.A. office last week, and the first thing I saw when I showed up was this: A Ceph fanboy working with a multi-petabyte deployment of Ceph decided to […]

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EPEL is Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux, a project that ports software that is part of the Fedora community distribution to the slower-moving RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) distribution (and its derivatives) used by many enterprises. One problem for RHEL users is that although the distribution tends to be rock solid, that stability comes at […]

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Today, I am excited to announce our partnership with hastexo who provides Ceph-related professional services world-wide. We have been working closely with hastexo for some time, including collaboration on the development of new Ceph courseware for new Inktank training courses that are now available. hastexo is a professional services company located in Austria and serving customers on five continents. The […]

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